Why Are Hair Transplants Getting More Popular?

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With the improvements in technology, hair transplants have become more and more popular. Every year, half a million hair transplants are performed around the world. This rapid growth trend in hair restoration is predicted to continue as time progresses and hair transplantation becomes even more in demand.

What is the reason for the sudden popularity of hair transplants? The massive growth in this industry over the past decade, for both men and women, exists for several reasons.

Outstanding results

With the stunning results hair transplants achieve today, it’s no surprise this procedure is so popular. Decades ago, hair plugs were obvious and could be off-putting. A later development, FUT (follicular unit transplant), was a process that removed a strip of hair from the back of the scalp. Unfortunately, this left a telltale scar. With FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedures performed by hand or robotically, the results are so natural-looking and effective that it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing this effective solution.

Excellent success rate

With modern technology and techniques for hair transplantation, success rates are outstanding, at 90% and above. ARTAS robotic hair transplantation and NeoGraft semi-robotic hair transplantation success rates are even higher at an astounding 95%. This assurance helps people take the plunge when restoring their hair–knowing that success is highly likely makes it more feasible to invest in the procedure.

Greatly reduced scarring

Advances in hair transplantation techniques result in a natural look, not just because of the natural hairline and angle of each transplanted hair but because there is almost no visible scarring. Procedures from the past required a strip of skin with the hair follicles intact to be removed, resulting in a scar that required a longer hairstyle to cover up. Today, with the modern FUE procedures available, each individual hair follicle is removed separately and transplanted to the balding area separately. Individuals worried about scarring are now opting for FUE hair transplantation, enjoying the benefits of their thick, healthy head of hair without having to deal with a visible scar.

Better affordability

FUE procedures are becoming increasingly more affordable. Improvements in technology have sped up the hair transplantation procedure, making the surgery less expensive and thus available for more people.

More versatility (beard and eyebrow transplantation)

Trends for full beards and eyebrows have made facial hair transplantation much more popular. With the strong demand for facial hair, hair transplantation has become more desirable for many people.

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