Hair Transplant After Plastic Surgery

Hair Restoration After Plastic Surgery

The Effects Facial Cosmetic Surgery has on Hair Loss

There are several components that are important in any person looking youthful and attractive. Facial characteristics and hair quality are both incredibly important. As a result, it is very important to consider the effects on hair and hairlines when planning any kind of facial cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery can affect not just one’s facial features and skin, but also your hair line. In addition, it is common for people to temporarily have thin hair after any surgical procedure. As a result, there is a growing awareness among both plastic surgeons and plastic surgery patients that post-surgical hair is an important consideration when planning any kind of cosmetic procedure. Dr. Jacono, a leading plastic surgeon in New York City, includes hair loss assessment as part of all facial cosmetic procedures.

Many plastic surgery patients already have some signs of aging in their hair. They often have thinning hair or a hairline that is receding due to age or a genetic condition called androgenic alopecia. This can make hair loss after surgery particularly devastating. Temporary hair loss from the stress of a medical procedure, a common condition called telogen effluvium, could be very destructive to their appearance and self-esteem. In addition, some procedures, such as brow lifts and facelifts, can have effects on the patient’s hairline including their sideburns as well.

hair transplant after plastic surgery

Minoxidil is increasingly being used to prevent telogen effluvium and other hair loss related to surgery. In a study performed at UCLA medical school, researchers gave women topical minoxidil for two weeks before cosmetic surgery as well as four weeks after. These patients had significantly less postoperative hair loss than is normal. In fact, only one person suffered temporary hairless out of the group of sixty.

Dr. Jacono believes that attention to detail is imperative and hair is a crucial detail in getting a beautiful overall result in any cosmetic procedure. Because he also offers hair restoration techniques, both his male and female patients alike, have the opportunity to plan for a youthful head of hair while planning their cosmetic procedures.

Preventing Hair Loss in Cosmetic Surgery

There are always risks of hair loss in plastic surgery. Dr. Jacono believes the best approach is to be aware of the issue and take steps to preserve or improve hair.

He offers the following services to his New York patients:

  • Analysis of your unique risk of losing hair in a procedure, including an assessment of family hair patterns and reactions to previous medical procedures
  • Steps that can be taken to prevent hair loss
  • Consultation for hairline restoration procedures
  • Predictions of how future age-related hairline changes may interact with planned cosmetic procedures
  • Reconstruction of sideburns when a procedure has affected or may affect them
  • Planning procedures to minimize and/or camouflage scarring

Hairline preservation and restoration can be performed during or after any cosmetic procedure. In addition, Dr. Jacono can restore the youthful appearance of hair in people who are not interested in other procedures.

hair restoration after plastic surgery before
hair restoration after plastic surgery after

Hairline Transplant Following her brow lift procedure, this female patient had a hair transplant to restore her hairline. The after photo shows her new hairline immediately after the grafts were inserted to form the new hair line.

sideburn transplant before
sideburn transplant after

Sideburn Transplant This female patient had a sideburn hair transplant following her facelift procedure. The procedure restored her sideburns and look very natural.

Last, facelifts can change the shape of sideburns. These suddenly are higher and not naturally following the lines of the rest of the hair. This is often considered a telltale side of having a facelift. Regardless of the reason, having a high hairline can prematurely age your appearance dramatically so it is a top reason for wanting hair transplants. New technologies in hair transplantation make it possible for Dr. Jacono to improve or completely resolve all of these issues. People in New York no longer need to live with a high hairline or visible scarring. In addition, plastic surgery no longer needs to permanently change the appearance of one’s hair.

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