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Hair Transplant Cost

Are you wondering how much hair implants cost?

The cost of hair transplantation is an important consideration for anyone seeking hair replacement options. The cost of a procedure is as individual as the patient and his or her hair loss. The cost of your hair transplant procedure is determined on a “per graft” basis according to your individual hair replacement needs. It is impossible to determine this over the phone. During a consultation we will determine your plan and the cost of hair transplant based on the amount of donor hair available, characteristics of your donor hair (texture, color, curl, etc.), and your desired results. The price of the hair restoration will also depend upon the method of removing the follicular units before they are transplanted into the scalp. Follicular Unit Extraction is more expensive per graft than when a thin strip method is used to remove the hair follicles in a strip of scalp and then dissect them under the microscope. The cost of your hair transplant depends mostly on how many grafts you need but again there are many factors to consider for a successful hair transplantation procedure. Generally, hair transplant costs can range anywhere from $4000 to $20,000.

Many patients find financing a convenient, affordable way to get the procedure they want right now. Financing options are available through third party credit agencies. Dr Jacono is not affiliated with any of these agencies and does not make any recommendations for or against any of these agencies. His staff will help you apply and qualify through Chase HealthCare Finance, Care Credit and Other Organizations they work with.