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Female Pattern Bladnesss

There are a number of reasons women seek to undergo surgical hair restoration, but the most common is to restore the density of hair that they have lost as a result of Female Pattern Hair Loss. Female pattern balding is primarily genetic in origin, but can be caused by hormonal changes or abnormalities, certain diseases, and various medical and dietary interventions. Dr Jacono will perform a full medical workup, but if there are no other causes of hair loss diagnosed, the only treatment available would be a surgical hair transplant. In female pattern balding it is most common to see thinning in the center of the scalp that progresses over time, with thinning of the hair.

Dr Jacono employs follicular unit grafting, the most sophisticated technique of hair transplantation. With this technique, microscopes are used to dissect each individual follicular unit graft. In a single procedure, from a few hundred to as many as 2000 grafts can be transplanted. Because the hairs are kept in their natural state, just as they grow in the scalp, once transplanted into the thinning areas, they will provide the most aesthetic result, and undetectable as a transplant. Once transplanted the hairs will continue to grow for a lifetime.